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crux fermentation projectCrux Fermentation Project is the newest operating brewery in Bend. They opened their doors Saturday June 30th! The 3 founders are Larry Sidor, Dave Wilson & Paul Evers, each with a background in the brewing business. The plan is to focus on the unusual, to quote from their website: "From decoction mashing, open fermentation, barrel aging, crazy yeast varieties, and the use of experimental hops we hope our project delivers beers that will take you on a ride!"

Capacity will start out with a few thousand hectoliters (They are determined to remain a metric brewery), with plans to quickly expand to 11,000 hectoliters (just shy of 7,000 barrels).

There is plenty of seating, and as the brewery is operating right next to the seating area, you get to smell all the hoppy wonderfulness and yeasty goodness going on.

20-oz. pints are $5, and although right now they only have 32-oz. "Growlerettes" (the 64-oz. ones are coming), they are only $6 to buy and $5 to fill, so come on down and get yourself one filled up!

Below are the hours of operation, and all hours are kid-friendly!

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Mon - Closed

Tuesday - Thursday 4pm - 11pm

Friday - Sunday 11am - 11pm



Artichoke Jalapeño Dip - $8                            Margarita Bites (Coming Soon)

Beer Hummus - $8                                            Beer Pretzel (Coming Soon)

IPA Salsa - $5                                                      Mediterranean Bruschetta (Coming Soon)


Mediterranean Sampler (Coming Soon)       Charcuterie Plate (Coming Soon)


Soup of the Day $6 Bowl/$4 Cup                   Crux Salad $8/$5 Half

Agave Salad $10/$6 Half                                  Chicken Salsa Salad $10/$6 Half

Pale Ale Caesar Salad $10/$6 Half

Sandwhiches:                                                Combos Soup & Salad (Coming Soon):

Chicken Bacon $11/$7 Half                              Crux Gyro

Mediteranean $10/$6 Half                              Chicken Bruschetta

Agave Club $11/$7 Half                                     Cold Italian

BBQ Pork Porter $11/7 Half                             The Beef

                                                                                The Grilled Cheesy

Desserts:                                                        Beverages:

Chocolate Crème Brûlée (Coming Soon)      Soft Drinks $2

Stout Brownie $3                                               Tea & Coffee $2 

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  • Bob Linnert

    Bob Linnert

    07 July 2012 at 17:58 |
    Drove all the way from Orange, CA. for the Grand Opening. I was not disappointed. The atmosphere is so family oriented & the food is awesome. Jackson, the Chef is an artist!!!!! I look forward to many treks to beautiful Bend & stopovers at the Great CRUX Fermentation Project. Best Wishes to all The Crux Family.

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